Scorecast betting has been a market that’s greatly increased in popularity over the last decade or so. One of the main reasons to its success is the fact that it provides favourable odds for the bettors, often brining in lucrative paydays if you are able to make a successful selection.

A scorecast bet is essentially two bets combined into one. The first part of the best will require you to select the first goalscorer in the match, with the second part requiring you to select the correct full time result of the match. Whilst the concept is pretty simple, winning them is actually fairly difficult due to the number of variables in which you need to consider, which we will mention throughout this article.

Also in this article we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of scorecast betting, along with alternatives to the bet that most bookmakers promote.

What is a Scorecast Bet?

We now know that the scorecast is a combination of both the first goalscorer market and the correct final score of a game. You may wonder why it needs such a market when you could simply place a double with bets from each respected market. Well, there is one main reason behind this and that is with scorecast bets a bookmaker will actually allow your bet to ride as a single correct score bet should your first goalscorer selection not enter the field of play. If you were betting as two single bets then you would adhere to rules of each bet and in return it would be much harder to win.

There is another aspect to this bet type and that is you’re likely going to find slightly better odds as a scorecast rather than betting as singles. This is a ploy by the bookmaker to entice you to use this bet type and any added value for any bet is definitely going to result in positive expectation.

Advantages of Scorecast Betting

A scorecast bet has many advantages but the main one has to be the increased payout that you can get for these types of bets. Let’s face it, choosing the exact player to score the first goal and the exact score line for a match is never going to be an easy task. In fact, even betting on each of these markets individually is going to offer up some favourable odds for the punter. Combined they take it a whole other dimension and pricing often works upwards of 20/1 for a successful selection.

Next up is the fact that you are protected from rules of both parts of the bet for it to be successful. For example, an own goal will not count for the first goalscorer selection of your scorecast, just as it wouldn’t if you placed a single on this market. Bookmakers also wont fully void your bet should your player not enter the field before the first goal is scored. Instead, they will scrub this section of the bet and instead leave a single on the correct score market to run (at reduced odds).

Disadvantages of a Scorecast

The main disadvantage when betting with a scorecast is the likelihood that the bet will come in and the speed in which your bet could be lost. Choosing a winner from either part of the bet is very tricky, but choosing from both becomes highly unlikely, hence the odds that are often on offer.

Your bet could essentially be over very quickly in a match as well. For example, if a player who you haven’t picked as the first goalscorer scores early on in a match, then your bet is dead. Similarly, if you backed a score line that was to nil and the other team scores, then your bet is dead. It’s bet that it includes massive risk, but like most bets, includes huge potential rewards as well.

Anytime Scorecast

The anytime scorecast is basically an adaptation of the scorecast, but instead of choosing the first goalscorer and correct result, you only need to pick a player to score anytime and the correct result. The same rules apply in that if your player doesn’t appear at all in the game then you your bet will be split into two and the single on the correct score will carry on.

This bet is actually just as, if not more popular than the scorecast, mainly because it’s much easier to predict a player to score anytime rather than limiting to first goalscorer.

Similar Bets

As you can imagine, the nature of these bets mean that bookmakers can offer quite a few alternatives, of which we have listed below.

Wincast - will allow you to pick the a player to score first and then simply which team you think will win the game. You don’t need to stipulate the correct score for this, simply just pick between home win, away win or draw.

Timecast - is where you select which player will score first and the period of the game that they will score that goal. The periods are usually split into three; 1-25 minutes, 26- 45 minutes and 45 + minutes. You don’t need to choose a score line or even a result for this bet.

First half scorecast - is exactly the same as the normal scorecast betting market, but the cut off time will be up to half time. So, you still need to pick which player you think will score first and also the correct score, but only for the first half of the match. All markets will be settled at this point and the final result will be irrelevant.