Some punters bet with their hearts rather than their heads, backing their team to win to double the joy. Or even (weirdly if we're honest) backing your team to lose so that whatever happens the result's a good one. But others bet more with their heads, analysing form and stats and placing bets based on value rather than trusting their gut. 

In our blog we offer tips on major events to help guide you in your decision making. But we also discuss various betting strategies, tools and stats you can use to try and turn the odds in your favour. As they tend to get burried fairly quickly, we've compiled them all below:

Stats & Strategy


This section comes with a caveat, there is no such thing as a risk-free bet (unless you're talking about the offer with the same name occasionally dished out by bookies). But if you're a fan of betting systems, here's one that might peak your interest. Just remember though, there is no sure thing: