Coral made a splash at the beginning of the 2013-14 football season when they introduced their brand new Football Jackpot competition with a guaranteed top prize of £1 million for the first sole winner.

Since they introduced the Football Jackpot the £1m mega-jackpot has been scooped (see below for details of the lucky winners!), but since then the jackpot is still a guaranteed £100,000, which isn’t too bad from a £1 bet. And given Coral have paid out more than £2 million in prizes at the time of writing, they are certainly putting their money where their mouth is.

Similar to the old football pools, the Coral Football Jackpot requires players to predict the outcome of 15 football matches (selected by Coral) by selecting a home win, a draw or an away win for each. You can alter your stake from the minimum £1 bet to the maximum £20 per line and you can have multiple lines to increase your chances (but also your stake). If you are the indecisive type, you could always opt for the lucky dip option to pick the results for you.

If you correctly predict all 15 results you’ll be in line for the jackpot of at least £100,000 (which will be higher if the number of entries pushes it up), though if more than one customer gets all 15 the top prize is shared. If you miss out on the jackpot by just one or two results (as has happened a couple of times, again see below), there are consolation dividends to lessen the blow of missing out on the big, big prize. Note that to be in with a chance of winning you need to get your Football Jackpot bets on by 3pm on a Saturday online, through your mobile or even in Coral shops.

Coral Football Jackpot Winners

As mentioned, there have been a couple of near misses which occurred when the £1m jackpot was still up for grabs. This included a pensioner in his 70s from Leatherhead in Surrey who missed out on becoming a millionaire by a single result thanks to West Brom’s injury time equaliser against Fulham on 14th September. He still banked a cool £30,841.60, which is better than a kick in the teeth, especially when he used the lucky dip option when picking the results.

There have been other near misses, but the £1m jackpot was won at the end of October, but – embarrassingly for Coral – the winners were a group of employers from a rival betting firm, Colossus Bets, and indeed one whose main offering is a football pools product that is not dissimilar to Coral’s Football Jackpot! We’re sure the powers that be at Coral would have much preferred the PR that would have accompanied the aforementioned pensioner if he’d scooped the top prize!

Coral Football Jackpot Strategy

In terms of a viable strategy when selecting your results, there are various options, but most are destined to fall short of success. With 15 games to predict it is clearly highly unlikely you’ll get them all correct (or Coral wouldn’t have put up the £1m prize!). But you could increase your chances by sticking mainly to the favourites in each match.

Simply check the odds for each of the matches in the list and select any strong favourites. For those matches which bookies are not favouring one side significantly, either opt for the draw or flip a coin. You could always opt for multiple results on one or two of the matches that are harder to call (but obviously this will increase your stake).

Really you need to have lady luck very much on your side if you are to have a hope of getting all 15 correct and scooping at least a share of the £100,000 jackpot. So really the best strategy might be to do exactly what the pensioner did and take a lucky dip… he was just one late goal away from a cool million, and though that prize has gone, there is still plenty of cash up for grabs so give it a go today.