Colossus Bets is a relatively new and very exciting new sports betting website based on pool bets, that is bets where the prizes are based on shares of the overall stakes (less deductions). They have a couple of great features, including the chance to “cash-in” a profit before all games in a pool have been completed, and they cover a variety of major European football league/competitions.

The pools bets they offer come in various shapes and sizes (the main ones of which are detailed below) including their flagship, The Colossus, which has a guaranteed prize pool of £5,000,000! But there are loads of other options to win big, big money, so read on for some of their most enticing jackpot options.

Colossus Bets Jackpots and Options Available

  • The Colossus (Jackpot: £5,000,000 plus £5,000,000 bonus) - In order to get your hands on (a least a share of) the biggest jackpots they offer you need to successfully predict the correct score in seven football matches which Colossus have selected. In addition, winners will also get the chance to win a share of least another £5m if they correctly predict the score in the bonus game the following week. So with a flabbergasting £10m up for grabs, and a £5,000 consolation for getting the results correct but not the scores, this really is a fantastic opportunity to scoop a fortune… especially given it costs just £2 per line!
  • Premier League – Pick 6 (Jackpot: £1,000,000 plus £1,000,000 bonus) - Using the same principal as The Colossus, the Premier League – Pick 6 option (which has an overall prize pool of £2,000,000) requires you to correctly pick the correct scores of six Premier League matches for a share of the big prize. Again this is priced at £2 per line with a £1m prize, a £1m bonus and a £1,000 consolation payment.
  • 20p Games – Pick 6 (Jackpot: £100,000 plus £100,000 bonus) - If you’d rather not risk quite so much of your own cash (though £2 per line is still very reasonable), you might prefer to opt for the 20p games which still offer potentially life-changing prizes of £100k plus a £100k bonus (with a £200 consolation).
  • Pick 3 Games (Jackpot: various) - As the name suggests, Pick 3 games require you to pick the scores of just three games in various categories such as Premier League, Championship, FA Cup and others.
  • HDA Games (Jackpot: various) - HDA (that is, Home/Draw/Away) games require to you predict the outright result of matches as opposed to the exact score. Clearly these games are a lot easier than those in which you have to give correct scores, but the jackpots are correspondingly smaller, though they still run into the thousands of pounds.

Colossus Bets Jackpot Strategies

I would like to give you a foolproof strategy to win the big £10m… but clearly one doesn’t exist. However much research you do, to get the big prize you will be heavily reliant on a gargantuan slice of luck. But you can take a few steps to increase your chances of success.

Firstly, check the stats and the team news. There are so many factors that affect the score of a match including (but not limited to) head to head record between the sides, tactics employed by the manager, whether certain players are on form or out injured, the weather conditions, whether either side has played in the proceeding days or have a big match within a few days of the match and even the kick off time of the match. Studying the stats can give you a good indication of whether a match between two given sides is likely to be high-scoring or not, and also whether one side is much more likely to win than the other or whether a draw is on the cards (handy for the HDA games). But this is clearly an inexact science with apparently random results like Man United beating Arsenal 8-2 popping up occasionally.

The random factor can work in your favour though. When predicting scorelines you are asked to select from the following scores: 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 to either the home or away side, or a 0-0 or 1-1 draw; but – crucially – you can also opt for AOH, AOA or AOD, that is “any other home” win, “any other away” win or “any other draw”. This gives you a little wriggle room in matches in which there is likely to be a glut of goals, but with games that are going to be tighter, past results and current team selections could be key (for example Sunderland having beaten Man City 1-0 at home for four seasons in succession).

The other way to increase your chances, of course, is to bet on more than one line, giving you the chance to pick a range of scores for the matches for which you have little idea of what will happen. Though in reality – given the inherent unpredictability of the beautiful game – using Colossus Bets’ Quick Pick function (which work like a Lucky Dip on the National Lottery) might be as good a tactic as any! Good luck.